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Mesoporation®: This extraordinary technology

Consists of applying an electric impulse of special oscillo-modulated currents which provokes an alteration of the polarisation of the cell’s membrane, making it more permeable, thanks to the creation of special “channels,” known as “electropores.”

The electropores are “electric doors” through which active ingredients can penetrate into the innermost depths of the skin.

RENEVE® mesocosmetics:  An exclusive cocktail with shock effect to treat cosmetic problems of the face and body that combines technology and nature for a win-win synergy.

Spectacular results without surgery and without injections. Mesopor® multiplies the results of a normal application with visible results as of the first session and fights against face and body aesthetic problems.

Machine de cryothérapie


  • Powerful action: Mesopor conveys the active ingredients directly into the extra-cellular area;
  • Greater efficiency of active ingredients
  • Reduced application time;
  • Reduced number of sessions to achieve the target;
  • Easy and practical to use;
  • Rapid and lasting results;
  • Non-invasive system;
  • Deep action.

Lipolysis acceleration:

Specific treatments:

  • cellulitis;
  • localised fats;
  • breast firming;
  • expression lines;
  • skin ageing;
  • acne.