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The most complete chromotherapy macHines on the market with 13 pure colours


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The synergy obtained from combining chromo io S21 with muscle stimulation, which uses 6 “waves” that have different characteristics produces specific results to locate and deal with the main physical problems: slimming, toning, lymphatic and blood draining, mini face lift.”


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Breakthrough all cosmetic boundaries by combining chromotherapy and electro-stimulation. Chromo io S21 functions by using the visible spectrum. Every colour corresponds to a wavelength to treat specific problems of body and mind.

But also…

Six programmes are combined in addition to chromotherapy for better sliming, firming and rejuvenating results.

Machine de cryothérapie

What is chromotherapy?

The etymology of the word chromotherapy is a combination of two words: “chroma” (colour) and “ therapeia”  (healing).

Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colours) of electromagnetic radiation to elicit physiological adjustment reactions that are conducive to preserving or restoring health and, by extension, wellbeing.

Each colour exerts a mental, physical and emotional influence on human beings, and each of the primary colours has specific curative benefits.

Machine de cryothérapie

The 6 programmes

Wave 21® for the body

Lymphatic drainage thanks to perfect synergy between pulses of the device and the heart.

Rectangular programme for the body

Slimming programme with a loss of 1 to 4 cm as of the first session.

Iso + for the body

80% firming and 20% slimming. This programme is a sort of passive toning workout.

Kotz for the body

In-depth firming. This programmes works fully (100%) on the muscle fibres for a lifting effect on the entire body.

Triangular programme for the face

Conjunctive stimulation and vibration to restore skin tone. This programme activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It boosts the oxygenation of the tissues to restore glow to the skin.

Iso – for body and face

Full (100%) firming of the body, a programme comparable to the Pilates  method – complete muscle cladding to redesign your figure.

How does the chromotherapy work?

Depending on their wavelength, the colours of the visible light spectrum exert different energy effects that can help restore the balance of the organism by stimulating or slowing down the different mechanisms of the metabolism.

The longer waves such as red, orange and yellow are the most toning and most stimulating.

Neutral, medium waves such as apple green, green and turquoise are the most cleansing, most purifying and most balancing.

The shortest waves such as sky blue, indigo and night blue are the coldest, most calming, most soothing and most dispersing.”

Mixed waves such as violet, magenta and scarlet are the most nutritional, most scarifying and most protective.

  • It is also worth bearing in mind that the 3 primary colours of light are red, green and night blue. Primary colours cannot be obtained by mixing.

To understand the degree to which daylight colour has effects on our skin, we must first appreciate how information from light is perceived by our organism.

It is quite simply through the eyes, but also the skin which has biochemical receptors such as the mitochondria — structures that generate energy inside the cells.  This energy is then transmitted to all our organs by biophysical and metabolic receptors.

The eye will transmit information from light through the sensitive receptors of the retina:  the cones (+/- 6 million), responsible for seeing colours, and the rods (+/- 120 million), responsible for the intensity of light and shades of grey.

There are three types of cones that are sensitive to red, green and blue respectively, and enable us to distinguish up to 300 different pure spectral colours.

Furthermore, the optical nerve crosses the hypothalamus and establishes close connections with it.
If we bear in mind that the hypothalamus is the conductor of our autonomous nervous system, the director of our endocrine system and the master of our emotions, we will find it easier to understand the influence of light on our organism and emotions.”

And aren’t our emotions responsible, albeit in part, for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and the like?


1) On the physical body

Chromothérapie - Visage


– Wrinkles
– Rosacea
– Premature ageing
– Oily, dry, acneic skin
– Bags under the eyes
– Sagging
– Erythrosis

Chromothérapie - Corps


– Old or new stretch marks (clinically tested system)
– Cellulitis
– Fat
– Water retention
– Sagging
– Varicose veins
– Firming
– Scars
– Muscle problems

2) On the energy body: 
– Mood instability and irritability
– Low energy, fatigue
– Disruption of the sleep/wake patterns
– Attention disorders and the like …

3) On the psychological body: 
– Depression
– Lack of concentration
– Bulimia and anorexia